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RD Judgments
RD Judgment
1) IHC orders government to appointment Chairman, Members Appellate Tribunals afresh.
Click it Documents ISB HCI Judgment
2) Customs Tribunal dismisses appeal of MCC versus Ahmed Crockery Lahore on assorted goods imported from China to dissatisfy the description, classification, quantity, origin, weight and import value.
 Click it Documents Ahmed Crockery
3) Customs Tribunal decides appeal versus Al-Malik Traders Lahore ab initio, void by Customs official on import of rubber oil seals for various model motorcycles under PCT 4016,9940.
 Click it Documents Al Malik Traders
4) Customs Tribunal declares AAK enterprise’s import of Prime Cold Colled Steel Sheet in Coils under FTA Pakistan/China declared by Steel Committee-Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works, National Steel Association correctly declared ‘Prime Quality’.
 Click it Documents AKK Enterprises
5) Customs Adjudication orders Tata Textile Mills to pay duty/taxes on imported machinery, spares, material required for manufacture of yarn meant for export.
 Click it Documents Tata Textile
6) Customs Tribunal disposes A G Packages case of consignment under FTA-imported of miscellaneous items against Commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading to place it before Classification Committee challenging by Customs.
 Click it Documents A.G. Packages Co.
7) Customs Adjudication put formula on import of generators on DG Khan Cement’s of 1,102 KVA, in order to assess real power factor of generators, DG Khan Cement charged evaded taxes, duties to Rs 5.59 million by mis-declaring.
 Click it Documents DG Khan Cement company
8) Customs Tribunal dismisses identical import appeals of woven textile fabric composed of blended viscose rayon upto 85%, mercerized cotton 15% from China claiming benefit of SRO, Pak-China FTA by Country Care Trader, First Look Enterprises, Machiyarra Fabric, Manufacturing Industries.
Click it Documents Country Care Trader
9) IHC dismisses Kingcrete Builders writ petition versus FBR denying passing on benefit of charging 5% Customs Duty on import of 13 CTM from Japan on payment of 5% Customs Duty.
 Click it Documents Kingcrete Builders
10) Customs Tribunal declares proceedings versus Khadim Motors an auto parts importer null, void alleged concealing actual weight of goods/mis-declaring.
 Click it Documents Khadim Motors
11) Customs Tribunal set aside Appraisement West’s assessment versus Al-Mastan Garments on ‘raw silk’ import from China as value per unit comes under benefit of SRO.
 Click it Documents Al Mastaan Garments
12) Customs Tribunal declares Adjudication’s fine versus Naseem Autos unjustified on import of self adhesive reflective sheet under FTA concession as Customs examination declared GD false.
 Click it Documents Naseem Autos
13) Customs Adjudication directs Sami Pharmaceuticals to pay duty/taxes on aluminum roll-on caps import amounting to Rs 14.64 million evaded through un-due claim of exemption as Customs Duty 25%.
 Click it Documents Sami Pharmaceuticals
14) Federal Excise Tax Tribunal turns down Customs’ decision versus Shan Associates imposition of penalty, fine on import of polyester fleece fabrics shawls in assorted colour, sizes.
 Click it Documents Shan Associates
15) Customs Tribunal declares redemption fine hash, unjust versus Madni Impex by MCC Appraisement (West) on import of single sequin plus cording device embroidery machine with standard attachment, accessories from China.
 Click it Documents Madni Impex
16) Customs Tribunal dismisses appeal of PSO evading DS on supply of POL to Pakistan Navy vessel unlawfully claiming benefits of SRO 455(I)/96 exemption of CED.
Click it Documents Pakistan State Oil
17) Customs Tribunal decides Asif Textile Trading appeal on import of Polyester filaments during Dec 2013-Jan 2014 claiming payment of sales tax, income tax at reduced rates holds Customs hierarchy commits grave legal infirmities.
Click it Documents Asif Textile Trading
18) U Trade logistics: Customs, Federal Excise, Sales Tax Tribunal disposing appeal of U Trade Logistics polyester on clearing fleece fabrics shawls declares imposition of penalty, fine remitted as no mens-rea against appellant proved.
Click it Documents U Trade Logistics
19) Customs Tribunal rejects Adjudication’s show cause versus Milestone Textile on mis-declaration of description of Polyester knitted stretchable printed fabrics declares levy of taxes/duties on temporary importation not synchronous with provision of Customs Act 1969.
Click it Documents Milestone Textile
20) Customs Tribunal sets aside Customs Appeals’ decision versus Ashrafi Enterprises on import of plastic head with blade (part of disposable razors).
Click it Documents M-S Ashrafi Enterprises
21) Customs Tribunal says Customs Adjudication decision versus Ahsan Traders, Nawab Traders, Muhammad Anwar, MS Enterprises on import of printed/misprinted film waste violation of prescribed law.
Click it Documents M-S Ahsan Trader, Nawab Traders, Muhammad Anwar & MS Enterprises
22) Customs Adjudication-I terms imports of cable reel, Control Box, HV Cable, HV Transformers, HV switchgear, platforms, handrails etc by Karachi International Container Terminal Limited, thru agent Ports Connection (pvt) Limited evading taxes/duties to Rs 50.4 million.
Click it Documents M-S Karachi Int Container
23) Customs Tribunal directs Customs Appraisement to refund claim of excess payment of duty by Muhammad Shafique on import of a vehicle.
Click it Documents M-S Muhammad Shafique
24) SHC says Collector of Customs not allowed asking Ally Brothers and Company Pakistan Limited to deposit establishment charges Rs 142,000 as warehouse remains un-renewed.
Click it Documents M-S Ally Brothers & Co
25) Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi Member Judicial I Karachi asks Customs Valuation to accept declared prices/value by Wahaeed Sons and its sister concerns on import of various consignments from China in 2010-2011.
Click it Documents M-S Waheed Sons
26) Customs Tribunal Bench II restricts Customs Adjudication West taking any action against Samad Enterprises Karachi blocking ID of the appellant.
Click it Documents M-S Samad Enterprises
27) Customs Tribunal set asides decision of MCC Appraisement East against Habib University Foundation denying appellant of Customs Duty exemption on import of air handling units complete.
Click it Documents M-S Habib University Foundation
28) Customs Tribunal Bench II turn downs Customs Appeals against R and I Electrical Appliances (pvt) Limited denying to avail Pak-China FTA on import of refrigerators.
Click it Documents M-S R&I Electrical Appliance
29) Customs Tribunal Bench I reduces penalty on Limsa Agencies (pvt) Limited on misusing of transshipment facility upholds Customs Appraisement decision of penalty.
Click it Documents M-S Limsa Agencies
30) Customs Tribunal Bench II rejects ACC Adjudication’s decision of mis-declaration/penalty on import of prime quality high carbon steel wire rod by Supertech Autoparts (pvt) Limited.
Click it Documents M-S Supertech Autoparts
31) MCC Preventive nabs Fazlu Sarder, Bangladeshi passenger on smuggling gold slab, chain and fines Rs 50,000 and confiscation of goods at Karachi Jinnah Terminal.
Click it Documents M-S AFU & JIAP
32) Customs Tribunal Bench I declares null, void HS code, imposing penalty by Additional Collectorate Adjudication on Dynamics Incorporated Lahore, importer of paper, paperboard.
Click it Documents M-S Dynamic Incorporated
33) Customs Tribunal Bench III accepts Hamid Holdings’, importer of skimmed milk request for govt laboratory test as denying by MCC Appraisement West.
Click it Documents M-S Hamid Holdings
34) Collectorate of Customs Adjudication II asks Monnoowal Textile Mills versus MCC Appraisement to deposit duty/taxes on unlawfully availing benefit on import of raw/ginned cotton.
Click it Documents M-S Monnoowal Textile Mills
35) Customs Appellate Tribunal I sets aside penalty by MCC Export versus Haris Trading Company on export of marble blocks.
Click it Documents M-S Haris Trading Company
36) Customs Appellate Tribunal I rejects Customs Appraisement Gr-IV’s VR versus Muhammad Ahmed and Company on import of check valve from China.
Click it Documents M-S Muhammad Ahmed & Company
37) Customs Appellate Tribunal III turns down Customs Adjudication’s decision versus Qamar and Company on import of poster colour, books for kids from Korea.
Click it Documents M-S Qamar & Company
38) Customs Adjudication II asks Lucky Cotton Mills Limited to deposit taxes/penalty on import of raw/ginned cotton upholding MCC Appraisement East decision.
Click it Documents M-S Lucky Cotton Mills
39) Customs Adjudication II upholds MCC Appraisement East’s decision versus Nishat Chunian Limited on evading duty on import of raw/ginned cotton.
Click it Documents M-S Nishat Chunian
40) Customs Appellate Tribunal I sets aside DG Valuation’s assessment on flat rolled iron/steel imported by Ahsan Brothers.
Click it Documents M-S Ahsan Brothers
41) Customs Appeals sets aside penalty, refers Flying Horse’s import of auto parts matter to Customs Adjudication I for fresh order.
Click it Documents M-S Flying Horse
42) Customs Adjudication penalising Cemi Zone Karachi on mis-declaration, import of restricted pharma items directs to deposit penalty/taxes.
Click it Documents M-S Cemi Zone
43) Customs Tribunal emitting penalty directs Kaka Traders importer of food items/spices to deposit tax/duty.
Click it Documents M-S Kaka Traders
44) Customs Tribunal sets aside show cause on Patanwala Sons, Victory Pipe Industry, Win Pipes Industries, Qureshi Agencies by MCC Appraisement on alloy import.
Click it Documents M-S Patanwala & Sons, Victory Pipe Industry, Win Pipes Industries
45) Customs Adjudication directs Venus Pakistan Ltd to deposit penalty/duty on non crossing of transit cargo report to authority importing food chemicals.
Click it Documents M-S Venus Pakistan
46) SHC rejected M/S Popular Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd
Click it Documents M-S Popular Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd
47) SHC dismisses suit filed by Engro Elengy seeking concession in duty, taxes etc on Floating Storage and Regasfication Units (FSRU). Holds Customs demand for payment of duty at a rate of 5 per cent is justified. Issue of Advance Income Tax remanded back to Land revenue authorities for reconsideration and decision in view of concession to LNG, RLNG sector.
Click it Documents M-S Engro Elengy terminal Pvt Ltd
48) SHC Order Sheet Public Notice has been issued as required in terms of Para 2 of Customs General Orders (2014-2015 Edition)
Click it Documents SHC Order Sheet Signature of Judge
49) Alpha dairies imported aseptic packaging material, under assessed and thus contravened  Customs Act 1969. Tribunal allows appeal by importer.
Click it Documents M-S Alpha Diaries (Pvt) Ltd
50) Plastic Sack (Pvt) Ltd. Entitled to benefit of SRO as claimed on import and custom authorities are under legal obligation to issue consumption certificate, held SHC
Click it Documents M-S Plastic Sack (Pvt) Ltd
51) King Chemical Corporation mis-declares HS Code, fine imposed, challenged before tribunal which ruled in favor of importer as fine calculated on higher side.
Click it Documents M-S King Chemical Corporation
52) SHC Order Sheet M-S ZS Traders
Click it Documents M-S ZS Trade
53) Criminal Petition No. 802 of 2015 & Criminal Petition No. 22 of 2016
Click it Documents Criminal Petition 802 2015
54)  SHC Order M-S Junaid Trading Company
Click it Documents M-S Junaid Trading Company
55) Supreme Court clarifies that only clearance collectorate to assess consignments
Click it Documents Supreme court order
56) Order M-S Rehmat Ali Ltd
Click it Documents M-S Rehmat Ali Ltd
57) Order M-S J&P Coats Pakistan
Click it Documents M-S J&P Coats Pakistan
58) Order M-S EFU Life Assurance
Click it Documents M-S EFU Life Assurance
59) Tribunal strikes down adjudication order against M/s Waterlink Pakistan
Click it Documents M-S WaterLink Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
60) ATIR rejects appeal of Faisal Bank in default surcharge levied by CIR
Click it Documents M-S Faysal Bank Pvt Ltd
61) Compliance of the Directions Contained in Section 21 of Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997
Click it Documents Order SHC
62) Cabinet is the decision making body in a democratic dispensation holds Supreme Court curtailing powers of the Prime Minister to issues ordinances, SROs without assent by the federal cabinet. Land mark judgment to regulate SRO regime.
Click it Documents Supreme Court Judgments Power of the Prime Minister
63) SHC allows provisional release of consignment by Sabiha Anees Trading Enterprise on payment of duties and  taxes, defers order on show cause notice.
Click it Documents M-S Sabiha Anees tradeing Enterprises
64) Appellate Tribunal grants 30-days stay-order to K-Electric FBR’s decision to freeze company’s accounts is illegal.
Click it Documents K-Electrict Ltd Karachi
65) M/s. AL-Khair Processing.
66) M/s. Awan Trading Co. (Private) Limited.
Click it Documents MS AWAN TRADING CO. PVT, LTD
67) ATIR to file complaint against FBR’s Commissioner to CJ SHC FBR’s official should not harass M/s Jawaid Bros Label industries.
Click it Documents M-S JAWAID BROS
68) Umer Spinning mills entitled to benefit of SRO 1125/2011 rules SHC
Click it Documents M-S Umar Spinning Mills & M-S Sunrays Textile Mills
69) Sindh High Court issue notices in suit by pharma industries seeking relief of Sixth schedule of Sales Tax Act 1990.
70) SHC disposes STRA in favor of Pakistan Steel Mills.
72) M/s Al-Moazzin Hajj Services granted 30-days stay FBR sends income tax of Rs 8 million
73) Singling out one appellant: Customs Tribunal dismisses appeal by Director Customs I&I
74) Customs Tribunal  dismisses appeal filed with due authorization
75) Constitutional Petition No. D-5553-2016 Muhammad Shoaib Proprietor Of Hassan International
76) Supreme Court rules out settlement between contesting parties, holds to  decide case on merit
77) Judgement of 46 Cases Tiles Associations
78) Judgement of 15 Companies Cases Customs Appellate Tribunal & Customs Valuation
Click it Documents Judgement 15 Companies Customs Appeal No.K-21622016
79) Lahore High Court Judgment sheet Tiles Suppliers File Complaint with Pakistan Customs misuse of their names
Click it Documents Lahore Court Tiles Judgment sheet
80) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP D-7156 of 2017 RD
Click it Documents High Court of Sindh Karachi CP D-7156 of 2017 RD
81) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP_4387-2014-DRAP_ACT Food Supplements
Click it Documents High Court of Sindh Karachi CP_4387-2014-DRAP_ACT Food Supplements
82) Lahore High Court W.P No.11253-2017  Treet Corporation Limited
Click it Documents Lahore High Court Treet Corporation Limited W.P 11253 2017
83) FBR Notification Customs SRO 1066(I)2017 TIR Rules
Click it Documents FBR Notification Customs SRO 1066(I)2017 TIR Rules
84) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment SCRA 744-2016 DG Valuation
Click it Documents SHC Judgment SCRA 744-2016 DG Valuation
85) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment Anti-Dumping Case
Click it Documents SHC Judgment-anti dumping
86) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment NLC CPD-7687 of 2017 Assetlink Asia Pvt Ltd & CPD-8172 of 2017 E-Movers Pvt Ltd
Click it Documents CPD-7687 of 2017 Assetlink Asia Pvt Ltd
87) High Court of Sindh Karachi Circular Judgment M/S Sky Overseas CPD-8281 of 2017
Click it Documents Circular Judgment Ms Sky Overseas 8281
88) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment Order Suit No 676 of 2019
Click it Documents High Court of Sindh Suit No 676 of 2019
89) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment Order C-P No. D-5247 of 2019 M-S Perfect Craft (SMC-Pvt) Ltd, M-S Steel Craft Pvt Ltd.
Click it Documents M-S Perfect Craft (SMC Pvt) Ltd
90) High Court of Sindh Karachi Judgment Order Crl No. 18 of 2018 M-S Industrial Impex
Click it Documents M-S Industrial Impex
91) Special Custom Court returns challan in betel nuts smuggling cases, Pakistan Customs holding that only custom adjudication is a proper forum in this case
Click it Document Special Custom Court returns challan in betel nuts smuggling cases
92) High Court of Sindh Karachi Petition No: D-296/2019 M/s Steel Vision Pvt Ltd, Royal Impex Pvt Ltd, Balochistan Engineering Work Ltd
Click it Document M-s Steel Vision Pvt Ltd
93) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP No. D-6336/2019 M/s Memon Motors Pvt Ltd, M/s M.A.K Automotive Pvt Ltd
Click it Document M-s Memon Motors Pvt Ltd
94) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP No. D-6314/2019 Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan
Click it Documents C.P No. 6314-2019
95) High Court of Sindh Karachi Petition No. D-5795/2019 M/s Rock Marks Industries Pvt Ltd
Click it Documents M-S Rock Marks Industries
96) High Court of Sindh Karachi Petition No. D-6901/2019 M/s Home System
Click it Documents C.P No D-6901.2019 M-S Home System
97) High Court of Sindh Karachi Petition No. D-7610/2019 M/s Shan Chemicals
Click it Documents Shan Chemicals
98) High Court of Sindh Karachi DIT SCRA No. 170/2019 Betel nut
Click it Documents DIT Betel nut SCRA No. 170-2019
99) The  court of Special Judge, Customs, Excise and Taxation Chairman NAB under section 16 (A) of the NAB Ordinance 1999
Click it documents in the court of special judge customs & taxation chairman NAB
100) High Court of Sindh Karachi Petition ONO No. 418 of 2019/2020 M/s Cosmos Trading Development, Royal Impex Pvt Ltd, Balochistan Engineering Work Ltd
Click it Documents M-S Balochistan Enginering Work Ltd ONO No.418 2019-2020
101) High Court of Sindh Karachi (Customs & Taxation) Case No. 329 of 2013 M/s Water Link Pakistan Pvt Ltd
Click it Documents M-S Water Link Pakistan Pvt Ltd
102) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP No. D-1103/2020 STGO 103 retail price 3rd schedule sales (All Companies)
Click it Documents STGO 103 retail price 3rd schedule sale
103) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP No. 2224 Excelent Impex City
Click it Documents CP 2224 Excelent Impex City
104) High Court of Sindh Karachi CP No. 2562 Rasool Traders
Click it Documents CP 2562 Rasool Traders
105) Customs Appellate Tribunal Bench-II Karachi M/s Usama Enterprises, M/s Marhaba Trading Company, M/s Universal Trading
Click it Documents Usama Enterprises
106) High Court of Sindh Karachi Suit No. 974/2020 order sheet
Click it Document Suit No. 974-2020
107) High Court of Sindh Karachi C.P No. D-3606/2020 M/s Al Majeed Ibrahim Steel Ind Pvt Ltd, M/s Max Comfort (SMC-Pvt) Ltd
Click it Documents C.P No. D-3606-2020 M-s Al Majeed Ibrahim Steel Ind
108) High Court of Sindh Karachi C.P No. D-4306/2020
Click it Documents C.P No. D-4306-2020 
109) Islamabad High Court W.P No. 4067/2020 M/s Kokab Enterprises
Click it Document W.P No. 40672020 Ms Kokab Enterprises
110) High Court of Sindh Karachi SCRA No. 291/2018 M/S Asia Flour Mills
Click it Documents M-S Asia Flour Mills
111) High Court of Sindh Karachi SCRA No. 289/2018 M/S Mukhtar Feeds
Click it Documents M-S Mukhtar Feeds SCRA No.289 2018
112) High Court of Sindh Karachi SCRA No.548/2014 Fauji Cement Company
Click it Documents SCRA No.548 2014 Fauji Cement Company
113) High Court of Sindh Karachi C.P No. D-4188/2020 M/S Panjgour Goods Transport Co.
Click it Documents C.P No. D-41882020 MS Panjgour Goods Transport Co.

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