MCC Appraisement East lodged FIR against M/s Raim Enterprises

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR against Shakeel Ahmed of M/s Raim Enterprises for submitting fake invoice in order to misdeclare actual value of the imported goods and illegal transfer of funds out of the country. Information was passed through Collector Eng Riaz Memon to ADC Afzaal Watto… Continue reading

MCC Appraisement East lodged 2 FIRs against habitual culprits

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged 2 FIRs against a certain group of people for submitting fake/bogus pay orders of differential amount of duty and taxes for the release of their consignments. Collector Appraisement East Nadeem Memon had advised Additional Collector Rizwan Bashir to scrutinize the security instruments received as… Continue reading

MCC Appraisement re-distribute assignments among deputy/assistant collectors

KARACHI: The MCC Appraisement East has re-distributed assignments of deputy/assistant collectors within the collectorate. Deputy Collector Muhammad Ali Malik is moved from HQ, Group-VI, MIS-II, CPF and assigned HQ, Group-V, MIS-II, CPF, Warehousing. Deputy Collector Riaz Hussain is moved from Group-VII, Audit (external/internal) and assigned Group-III, One Customs, Audit (internal/external)…. Continue reading

Principal Appraiser Bahadur Khan given farewell

    KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East held a farewell party in the owner of Principal Appraiser Bahadur Khan, who is retiring on January 01, 2019. Bahadur Khan’s entire service has been quite disciplined and without any controversy. Collector Appraisement East Saeed Akram speaking on the occasion praised Bahadur Khan and… Continue reading

MCC Appraisement East to hold auction of vehicles & goods

ISLAMABAD: MCC Appraisement East – FBR is holding a public auction of fresh lots including vehicles at MCC East, Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) (East Wharf Karachi) on December 10, 2012 onwards. The vehicles put on auction include Used Toyota Van, Used Toyota Coaster, Suzuki Every Van, Honda Fit Automatic… Continue reading

Lawyers attack Customs staff, obstruct justice

KARACHI: R&D of MCC Appraisement East has submitted an incident report before the Court of Customs & Taxation, whereby it is informed that two persons dressed in lawyer’s uniform attacked the Customs staff, obstructed arrest of accused nominated in FIR and snatched mobile phone of an accused outside the court…. Continue reading