KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has detected gross revenue evasion by certain importers through fraudulent tactics and mis-declaration of imported goods.

Information was passed through Collector Amir Thaim to Additional Collector Tahir Abbas disclosing the modus operandi for clearance of consignments of ex-bond GDs by manipulating the system and alteration in the insurance amount by feeding it in negative in WeBOC system thereby causing huge impact on the total value of duties and taxes by three importers namely Anjum Saleem of M/s. Tabeer Textile (Pvt) Ltd, Nasir Jamal proprietor M/s. A. M. Trading Corporation Mukhtar Ahmed proprietor of MA. Phoenix Industries.

These importers imported various consignments and filed Into-Bond GDs by self except M/s. Tabeer Textile whose GDs were filed by Customs Clearing Agent M/s. L. J Corporation.

Assistant Collector Umme Kulsoom formed a team comprising Appraiser Aijaz But, Appraising officer Ghani Soomro and Senior Preventive officer Malik Hashim. The record of all of the above three importers was scrutinized and it transpired that insurance amount was declared 1% at the time of filing into bond GDs, whereas, $26, $7 and $9 was declared in some of the GDs.

However, at the time of Ex-Bonding, the said importers filed Goods Declaration by manipulating the system thereby causing huge loss of amounting to Rs15.11 million to national exchequer.

Collectorate of Customs, Appraisement (West) took cognizance of the similar omission and lodged FIRs apprehending identical response from the Collectorate of Customs, Appraisement (East), M/s. Tabeer Textiles (Pvt) Ltd M/s. A. M. Trading Corporation and M/s. Phoenix Industries made payment of the evaded duty and taxes to the tune of Rs15.11 million thereby corroborating the criminal intent of the importers.

Moreover, Customs Appraisement East lodged FIR against Tassawar Ali Tabassum of M/s Y.S. Industries and others for evading duty/taxes of Rs1.84 million by mis-declaring the actual description, PCT, weight, value and replacement of lab samples on the import of palm fatty acid distillate.