KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR against the Executive Director of Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases (MIKD) and M/s Izzat Enterprises for mis-declaring the description, quantity, value of imported goods and submission of forged documents to avail inadmissible concessions.

Collector Fayyaz Rasool formed a team comprising Additional Collector Ahsan Khan, Deputy Collector Usman Tariq and Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro to scrutinize the imports of MIKD and examine the instant consignment despite being claimed under green channel. Examination found the goods were not as per declaration. The found goods are in commercial quantity and undeclared items have also been found.

The case was originally detected by MCC Appraisement West. A credible information was passed through Collector Appraisment West Tahir Qureshi to Additional Collector Yasir Kalwar and Deputy Collector Raza Naqvi that M/s Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases (MIKD) with active connivance of their authorized Clearing Agent Mass Traders are indulged in importing and getting cleared the items on suppressed value, which are not related to the declared objective of the Institute, in commercial quantity while availing exemption of duties and taxes under Special Classification Provision.

Deputy Colector Raza Naqvi formed a team comprising Principal Appraiser Ghulam Yaseen, AOs Taha Sher Behan, Muhammad Riaz and Rashid Ali to pursue the case and the wrongdoings were detected. They have inflicted heavy losses to the legitimate government revenue by availing the exemption which otherwise was not due.

It was further reported that few unscrupulous elements are selling the said items in the local market instead of bringing the same for in-house usage of the Multan Institute of Kidney Disease as per requirement of the exempting law.

Tahir Qureshi sent a team comprising Taha Sher, Abid Sarfaraz, Abdul Ghaffar Dogar to Multan and arrested Dr. Ghulam Abbas. The arrested accused Dr. Ghulam Abbas obtained a 4-day remand, which ends on Wednesday. Customs will pray to the Court for extending the remand as this is a high profile case involving revenues loss to the tune of billions, and several big names may be involved in this mega scam.

MIKD cleared 38 GDs at MCC Appraisement West on the basis of forged documents to claim exemptions, while 31 GDs were processed at Appraisement Est of which 29 were on forged/fake documents. Certain consignments were also cleared through AFU Karachi and AFU Lahore. Green Channel.

Chief Collector Wajid Ali has ordered scrutiny of NGO imports and their green channel status will be revoked of those violating the rules.