KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East held a farewell party in the owner of Principal Appraiser Bahadur Khan, who is retiring on January 01, 2019. Bahadur Khan’s entire service has been quite disciplined and without any controversy.

Collector Appraisement East Saeed Akram speaking on the occasion praised Bahadur Khan and officials of his batch and said that these officials were quite disciplined, which was the secret of their competence.

He appreciated the officers and officials who spent their lives serving Pakistan Customs and wished them a peaceful and prosperous life post retirement. Saeed Akram urged Bahadur Khan and other retiring officials to keep in touch with the department and provide guidance to the serving officers and officials.

An official said that a advisory committee could be formed involving these technical appraisers for guidance and assistance.

Bahadur Khan was appointed in 1984. It was in 1984 that Customs appointed 42 technical appraisers, which were engineers and scientists. However, most of these highly qualified appraisers left Customs as there were no promotion and career growth prospects.

Bahadur Khan, an engineer, was one of these appraisers and was very well known because of his competence. Other appraisers of his batch include Kaleem Haider, Jawaid Akhtar, Habibullah Bhutto, Jawaid Hasan, Muzaffar Rizvi, Jawaid Ahsan, Mukhtar Shaikh, Dia Ram (late), Naeem Akhtar, Shiam Lal, Zarrar Haider Shah etc.

These officials are known to be experts on Customs Tariff, Customs Classification and regulatory orders.

Additional Collector Salman Afzal, Principal Appraisers Saeed Soomro, Muzaffar Rizvi also praised the services of Bahadur Khan and expressed pleasure in serving with a competent official such as Bahadur Khan.

A large number of Customs officers and officials were present at the farewell ceremony of Bahadur Khan.