KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged FIR against M/s Akmal Print House and M/s Kamil Sons Pvt Ltd, and clearing agent M/s Seagate International for submitting fake freight memo to avoid government revenue.

M/s Akmal Print House and M/s Kamil sons filed GD through their authorized clearing agent M/s Seagate International declaring the goods as 2/S coated Packaging Board in reels of self-adhesive sticker paper and film and declared unit value of $0.81/kg, $0.84/kg, $0.81/kg, $2.14/kg and $4.19/kg, respectively.

The goods declarations were cleared through green channel. Subsequently, credible information has been received through Collector Appraisement East Aamir Thaim to Additional Collector Imran Sajjad Bukhari disclosing the modus operandi for clearance of consignments on furnishing of fake and fabricated freight memo.

In order to verify the veracity of information, Assistant Collector Rahat Naseem formed a team comprising Principal Appraiser R&D Ashiq Memon and Appraising Officer Ghani Soomro. Freight memos were called from importers and clearing agent for verification from the concerned shipping line.

In response, importer provided freight memo issued by Sea gold (Pvt) Ltd at $7500, $2700, $1600 and $3000 paid against 5×40-ft containers, 2×40-ft containers, 2×40-ft containers and 1×40-ft container, respectively.

The freight memos were forwarded to the concerned shipping line for confirmation of authenticity. In response to the notice, Shipping line confirmed that freight amount of $22,250, $8,750, $5,600 and $4,650 paid by importers.

It is confirmed that the importers had hoodwinked the customs authorities and managed to clear goods against on fake/forged freight memos. The importer had evaded legitimate duties and taxes to the tune of Rs 2.95 million. The offending value of the goods worked out to Rs5.91 million.

An official said that led by Collector Amir Thaim, MCC Appraisement East team, comprising high-profile officers including Additional Collector Omer Shafiq, Additional Collector Muhammad Moazzam and Additional Collector Mushatq Shahani, has been quite efficient in detecting revenue evasion through various tactics.

Recently, MCC Appraisement Staff detected revenue evasion on import of electric buses, as well as mis-declaration and subsequent recovery on import of certain goods by pharmaceutical industry.

MCC Appraisement East is working under a proper strategy, and a plan to secure government revenue. The official said imports had reduced significantly due to global recession and domestic economic problems. MCC Appraisement East is also analyzing past imports to identify recoverable revenue.