PESHAWAR: Customs Appraisement Peshawar has lodged an FIR against two individuals, including a person named Pervez Ijaz, for their involvement in a smuggling attempt under the guise of importing artificial flower materials.

Shippo Pakistan (Private) Limited, a manufacturer of various artificial flowers located at the Export Processing Zone in Risalpur, Nowshera, is at the center of the controversy. The company imported a consignment, claiming it contained artificial flower material and fabric for artificial flowers, under respective HS codes 6702.1000 and 6001.9290.

However, upon the consignment’s arrival at the Export Processing Zone, where it was escorted for examination, authorities discovered no flower material or gypsum as declared. Instead, the container held 25,000 kgs of Polyester Pile Fabric for furnishing, originating from China.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Parvez Ijaz, along with accomplices, had deliberately misdeclared the contents of the shipment, attempting to exploit the Export Processing Zone’s facilities fraudulently. The goods have since been seized, and the estimated duty and taxes evaded amount to a staggering PKR 20,896,230.

In a related inspection, polyester woven fabric was uncovered in another consignment, leading to further investigations and legal actions.

The operation was a collaborative effort between Appraisement West Karachi and Appraisement Peshawar, with significant contributions from Collector Karachi Irfan Wahid, ADC Javed Sarwar Shaikh, R&D officer Muhammad Riaz, Collector Peshawar Amjad ur Rehman, Additional Collector Muhammad Shakir, and Assistant Collector Miss Amna Nasir. A high-profile appraising officer, Ziafat ullah Kan, has been appointed as the Investigating Officer (IO) for the case.

This crackdown reflects the heightened vigilance in Karachi to prevent evasion and misdeclaration, which has been prevalent in Lahore, resulting in smuggled goods being redirected to Karachi.

The authorities remain on high alert, and the investigation is ongoing to ensure that such fraudulent activities are curbed, and the integrity of the nation’s customs and trade regulations is upheld.