In a late-night operation on May 9, 2024, customs officials at Jinnah International Airport Karachi (JIAP) made a significant seizure of ammunition. At approximately 11:55 pm, a passenger identified as Mubariz Mehmood, carrying passport number 744844, was flagged for suspicion by the customs scanner operator at the international departures terminal.

The customs staff promptly intercepted Mr. Mehmood for a detailed inspection of his belongings. The examination led to the discovery of 27 9mm bullets and a magazine concealed within his luggage. Notably, the passenger had previously passed through the Airport Security Force (ASF) scanners undetected, raising concerns about security protocols.

Following the recovery, customs authorities seized the items and handed over the passenger to the ASF for further investigation and legal action in accordance with the law.

The incident has prompted senior customs officials at JIAP, including Collector Shafique Ahmed Latki, Additional Collector Muhammad Faysal Khan, and Deputy Collector Hammad Ahmed, to intensify surveillance measures to thwart any attempts at smuggling through the airport.