KARACHI: The Association of Inland Revenue Service Officers (AISO) has officially commenced the electoral process for the 2026-2024 session, marking a significant event in the calendar of the Federal Board of Revenue and its associated federal and provincial departments. The announcement has sparked a wave of anticipation and enthusiasm among the officers eligible to participate in the forthcoming elections.

Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Khan, the esteemed Chief Commissioner of the Large Taxpayers’ Office in Islamabad, has been entrusted with the pivotal role of Chief Election Commissioner. His appointment is a testament to his standing and experience within the service. Complementing him in these crucial elections is Talat Fida Hussain, the Deputy Commissioner of the Large Taxpayers’ Office in Islamabad, who will serve as the Focal Person, overseeing the smooth execution of the election procedures.

The election schedule has been meticulously planned, with the submission of nomination papers already concluded on May 17. The subsequent days, May 18 and 19, are dedicated to the scrutiny of these papers, ensuring a fair and transparent candidate selection process. The outcome of this scrutiny will culminate in the publication of the list of nominated candidates on May 20.

Candidates facing objections will have their fate decided by May 21, the deadline for filing any grievances. The final list of candidates is set to be unveiled on May 22, alongside the publication of the voters’ list, a critical component in the democratic process. Any objections to the voters’ list must be submitted by May 23, with the final list being released the following day, ensuring all eligible voters are accounted for.

The climax of this electoral saga will unfold over two days, May 26 and 27, when officers will cast their votes in what promises to be a landmark event in the history of the AISO.

In a display of solidarity and strategic planning, the IRS Comrades have put forth a formidable slate of candidates. Leading the charge for the presidency is Syed Mahmood Hussain Jafri, the Chief Commissioner of the Large Taxpayers’ Office in Lahore. His presidential bid is supported by Sadia Sadaf Gilani, the Member Admin of FBR Islamabad, who is vying for the role of Executive Vice President.

The IRS Comrades’ commitment to excellence is further exemplified by their choice for Senior Vice President, Naeem Ali Pathan, Commissioner of the Regional Tax Office in Hyderabad. The key position of Secretary General is being sought after by Dr. Tanveer Hussain Bhatti, Additional Director of Intelligence & Investigation in Lahore/Faisalabad.

The candidature of Ghulam Mustafa Dogar, Additional Commissioner Headquarters of the Punjab Revenue Authority in Lahore, for Joint Secretary, Amir Yasin, Deputy Director of Intelligence & Investigation in Lahore, for Treasurer, and Sahil Anjum, Deputy Commissioner of the Regional Tax Office in Gujranwala, for Press Secretary, completes a panel that is both capable and honest, according to their peers.

The officers and staff of the IRS hold high hopes for this panel, believing in their commitment to the goals of taxation and their renowned integrity. There is a collective aspiration that these candidates, if elected, will significantly contribute to the welfare and service of the country, propelling the AISO into a new era of prosperity and effectiveness.

For the AISO and its members, the election is not just a procedure; it’s a promise of progress and a testament to the democratic spirit that guides their service.