KARACHI: Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi (I&I Karachi) has conducted successive operations and recovered large quantity of smuggled goods and vehicles including a NCP luxury vehicle in the use of a former minister.

In line with the instructions of DG I&I Faiz Ahmed, Director Engineer Habib, Additional Director Afzal Wattoo and Deputy Director Wasif Malik have further enhanced the ambit of anti-smuggling activities and no stone is being left unturned as far as anti-smuggling drive is concerned.

Leading in the field, Principal Appraiser Irshad Shah is heading the ASO of I&I Karachi and has been instrumental in recovery of smuggled goods and vehicles.

ASO recovered a non-customs-paid Land Cruiser from the possession of formed PPP minister Sadiq Imrani. This vehicle was brought to Pakistan by a middle eastern dignitary for hunting purposes and was temporarily exempt from duty and taxes. However, the vehicle did not go back and came in the use of Sadiq Imrani without the payment of duty and taxes.

Moreover, I&I Karachi recovered three trucks-load of smuggled cigarettes worth Rs100 million during a raid conducted at Jodia Bazar Karachi, despite severe resistance by the dealers of smuggled goods and their associates.

The operation was conducted by ASO team led by Principal Appraiser Irshad Shah on the basis of information.

Former DG I&I had sidelined Principal Appraiser Irshad Shah for a long time, but DG Faiz Ahmed posted him in the ASO and since then Shah has been delivering exemplary performance.