Customs Appraisement West Lahore has filed an FIR against the importer M/s Zaniq Green, accusing them of misdeclaring imported goods and falsely implicating the bonded carrier Al Tajir & Co as part of a scheme to favor the importer.

The case came to light when M/s Zaniq Green imported several consignments from Jebel Ali, which were declared as tyre scrap and were to be transported to the dry port in Lahore. 

FIR filed by Customs Appraisement West Lahore indicated that the Transit Pass (TP) was filled out by Al Tajir & Co, whereas documents showed that it was actually filed by Zaniq Green.

Intelligence & Investigation (I&I) department in Lahore reported the matter to the Chief Collector of Punjab, highlighting concerns over the import and clearance of high-value goods under the guise of scrap. Despite the report, no immediate action was taken.

Under mounting pressure from I&I, a thorough examination of Zaniq Green’s consignment was ordered, which resulted in the discovery of high-value items such as laptops, electronics, and auto parts etc., instead of the declared scrap.

An official familiar with the matter stated that M/s Zaniq Green is a repeat offender known for clearing goods in Karachi. However, due to increased scrutiny in Karachi, the operations were shifted to Lahore’s dry port, allegedly with the support of a Punjab government politician. It is believed that arrangements were made with Customs Appraisement Lahore to facilitate the clearance of these high-value goods.

The scam was exposed through the diligent efforts of I&I, leading to the lodging of two FIRs against M/s Zaniq Green for a sum exceeding Rs 1.4 billion. Additionally, Al Tajir bonded carrier is being implicated by Appraisement Lahore, which some believe is an attempt to deflect blame from Zaniq Green.

It is important to note that the bonded carrier, Al Tajir & Co, had reportedly transported the goods intact to the dry port in Lahore, fulfilling their responsibility in the supply chain.

The case has drawn attention to the need for stricter oversight in the import and clearance processes to prevent such fraudulent activities. The authorities are continuing their investigation to ensure that all parties involved are held accountable for their actions.