QUETTA: On 11 November night, the Anti-Smuggling Control Room at Quetta Customs House shared information with the FC and police, revealing an attempt by smugglers to infiltrate Sindh through containers from Balochistan, using them to transport illicit goods in seven containers.

As a result, the Noutaal Customs Field Enforcement Staff, in collaboration with FC and police, successfully intercepted seven containers, unloading millions worth of foreign smuggled fabric etc. The drivers were arrested. Notably, this operation, led by Customs Collector Quetta Mr. Muhammad Ismail and Additional Collectors Mr. Omar Shafiq and Mr. Rashid Munir, included Assistant Collector Mr. Muhammad Salim Khokhar leading the Field Enforcement Unit in Noutaal, along with Team Inspector Arif, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that the 24/7 operational Anti-Smuggling Control Room in Quetta Customs House functioned under the special instructions and collaboration of the Federal Board of Revenue, Member (Customs-Ops) Mrs. Zeba Azhar Hai, Chief Collector of Customs, Balochistan Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon, and the heads of other law enforcement agencies, especially under the leadership of Corps Commander 12 Corps, Balochistan, who inaugurated this room. Representatives of all LEAs are present to monitor FEUs/stations 24/7, marking its first major operation. AC Mr. Haseeb Hassan and Superintendent HQrs Mr. Ahhad Durrani played a significant role in coordination with other agencies during the operation from the Control Room.