KARACHI: In a decisive move against illicit trade, the Karachi Customs Intelligence Directorate has launched a direct action against a smuggling operation dealing in Iranian tiles. Under the leadership of Director I&I Karachi, Engineer Habib Ahmed, and Additional Director Afzaal Wattoo, the operation was initiated following a tip-off from a sister agency.

The intelligence pointed to a stockpile of the smuggled goods at SMR Traders’ warehouse in Gilimar, Karachi. Deputy Director Wasif Malik and Superintendent Khayam Mirza orchestrated a meticulous 12-hour surveillance of the premises. Despite their efforts, neither the owner nor any representatives made an appearance.

In adherence to legal protocols, search warrants were secured under Section 162 of the Customs Act 1969 from a magistrate’s court. The ensuing search yielded a significant haul of approximately 30 tons of smuggled Iranian tiles, estimated to be worth around Rs 3.5 crores.

Following the recovery, the Director of Customs Intelligence in Karachi has ordered the filing of an FIR against the implicated parties, including the vehicle’s driver, the warehouse owners of SMR Traders, and the customs officials involved. The names of the officials will be determined post a formal inquiry, for which a request has already been made to the Customs Intelligence Headquarters.

The crackdown continues as raids are underway to apprehend the financiers, planners, and executors behind this bold smuggling attempt. The Customs Intelligence Directorate remains vigilant, reinforcing its commitment to eradicating smuggling activities that undermine the nation’s economy.