KARACHI: The Customs Enforcement Karachi, in line with the Government of Pakistan’s anti-smuggling policy and the instructions of Ms. Zeba Hai Azhar, Member Customs (Operations), FBR, has carried out a series of successful raids against smugglers.

The latest raid was conducted last night with the help of an intelligence agency, Sindh Police, Keamarhi District and Special Security Unit (SSU). The raid started at around 1 am on September 23, 2023 and targeted the notorious Yousuf Goth area in Karachi.

The raiding team faced strong resistance from a large crowd of smugglers and their supporters, but they managed to seize a huge amount of smuggled and illegal goods. The seized goods include skimmed milk, whey powder, plastic Dana, Zeera, poppy seed, plastic shoppers and Monosodium glutamate, worth about 90 million rupees.

The seized goods were loaded on 11 Mazda trucks and 3 Containers and taken to ASO HQ/Customs Ware House for further legal action. A case has been registered under the Customs Act and investigation is underway.

The Enforcement Collectorate has made remarkable seizures recently, leading the anti-smuggling campaign. On September 2, 2023, it seized six oil containers containing 145000 litres of Iranian diesel, before the current crackdown on oil smuggling. This was a major blow to the oil smugglers. It also seized two containers cleared from Port containing high-value smuggled goods worth about 180 million rupees. This was an exceptional case of port smuggling. Another port container loaded with smuggled goods worth 30 million rupees was also seized. The Collectorate has seized smuggled goods worth about 1300 million rupees in September alone.

Recently posted Collector Enforcement Basit Abbasi is a very competent and reputed officer. Collector Enforcement Basit Abbasi gave best performance in Lahore and now he is doing the same in Karachi.