KARACHI: A bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan heard an appeal filed by Directorate of Transit Trade, Pakistan Customs impugning a judgment by High Court of Sindh in a petition filed by an Afghanistan based importer of Sugar from India.

The SHC while deciding the petition challenging detention of 65 consignments of Indian Sugar transiting from Pakistan on ground that it was unfit for human consumption. The AC, Transit Trade Shahid Rizvi detected the unpleasent smell (pungent) and pale color (of White Sugar) and detained the same on ground that under international conventions signed by Pakistan, any item hazardous for human use cannot be allowed to pass through Pakistan.

Raja Iqbal advocate represented the appellant side. The apex court after a detailed hearing on previous Thursday asked the counsel for appellant that what could be done with these consignments under Afghan Transit Trade Law between Pakistan and Afghanistan, whether the goods can be auctioned or put to destruction, the bench enquired seeking a reply from appellant side with two days adjourning the hearing for any day in current week  commencing from today (Monday).

The SHC deciding the issue of jurisdiction while ruling in fsavor of petitioner/Afghan importer ordered the customs Transit Trade department to ensure safe passage of consignments to Afghan border under strict arrangements.