ASO Preventive Karachi recovers betel nut, Indian Gutka worth Rs12.375 million from Jodia Bazar

KARACHI: ASO of MCC Preventive Karachi conducted raids at warehouses on Gul Muhammad Street in Jodia BAzar Karachi and recovered large quantity of betel nut and Indian Gutka worth Rs12.375 million.

Information was received through Collector Saquif Saeed to Additional Collector Haroon Malik regarding presence of banned goods at warehouse in Jodia Bazar. Deputy Collector Akbar Jan formed a team comprising Superintendent Jamal Zia, IPS Iftikhar Hasan and his team to verify the veracity of information.

The examination of the warehouses resulted in recovery of large quantity of smuggled betel nut and Indian Gutka.

Cases have been lodged and investigations are underway. Chief Collector Enforcement Wasif Memon has advised MCC Preventive to continue the anti-smuggling campaign without any fear of resistance and strikes by traders.

An official said the ASO team of MCC Preventive Karachi had been quite efficient against trading of smuggled goods and detected mega scams. It was Deputy Collector Akbar Jan and his team that detected the pilferage of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) cargo in the country and its sale at local markets.

Now the government has decided to modify the Afghan Transit Agreement (ATT) to discourage smuggling as ATT is the primary source of smuggling in Pakistan. The same team also detected import of high value goods in the garb of used clothing, which was causing huge revenue loss to the national exchequer.

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