SHC restrains customs IO from registration of FIR Fabrics case

KARACHI: A customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) on Monday restrained an Investigating Officer of Pakistan Customs from lodging FIR against petitioner company Welcome Services.

The bench earlier heard the counsel for petitioner company who prayed for benefit of section 32B (Compounding of offence) of the Customs Act 1969. The counsel submitted that petitioner imported a consignment of fabric and customs is disputing the PCT heading as claimed by the petitioner side. The petitioner is ready to pay duty, taxes and fine if any but custom IO is conducting raids and there is an apprehension that FIR would be lodged. The counsel contended that Order in Original is also in favor of the petitioner/importer.

The bench after a brief hearing while ordering issuance of pre-admission notices for Feb 06 restrained the IO from lodging FIR.

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