SHC orders release of goods imported in violation of IPO

SHC orders release of goods imported in violation of IPO

KARACHI: Sindh High Court has ordered MCC Appraisement East to release consignments of polished granite slabs/tiles, which were blocked by Customs as these were imported in violation of Import Policy Order (IPO).

SHC noted that since no Public Notice was issued notifying that the import of polished granite slabs and polished granite tiles from India was restricted as per Import Policy Order.

Court said the Customs authorities unlawfully detained the consignments and ordered to issue delay/detention certificates to the importers with the directives that Customs would ensure that these certificates would be honored.

Court further ordered that  the assessment of the imported goods would be made as per Valuation Ruling No. 667/2014. However, the order of court is for those importers only who approached the court.

MCC Appraisement East had decided to challenge the SHC decision before Supreme Court of Pakistan as the goods are prohibited to be imported as per IPO and the same must not be released.

Pakistan Customs has put hold on all consignments of polished granite slabs and polished granite tiles imported from India as these products are banned to be imported into the country as per provisions of Import Policy Order.

Granite that falls under PCT Code 6802.9300, is not importable from India under Import Policy Order, 2013. Scrutiny of data of imports under description ‘Polished Granite’ revealed that the same is being incorrectly classified, assessed and cleared under PCT Code 6802.2300, which is otherwise not hit by Import Policy Order.

However, importers of these goods are of the view that they had not violated any provisions and the goods were being imported and cleared by Customs as per practice.

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