Lawless democracy or Dictatorial rule? People have to choose

KARACHI: There was a worse traffic jam at a signal in down town Karachi with a lone traffic police cop and few volunteers trying to make way. Like other people I also tried to get through the grid lock but all efforts failed as more and more vehicles a-massed. Suddenly two vehicles of Rangers came in. Jawans wielding batons alighted and marshaled the motorists and motorcyclists showering scorn on people in haste. In just three minutes, the vehicles moved in their selected directions and traffic came to normal in no time.

The message was vividly clear that people do not follow rules (traffic or else) by choice but by compulsion or force.

The victory by Pakistan’s cricket team at Lords and salute by the winners to their physical trainer who sweated with them at a military training camp was another example of the difference a single person can make, do wonders and gel a divided team (or a nation) into a united combination, which can defeat any force in this world.

These two different incidents  in different parts of world are linked to our national life particularly when the nation is discussing the discourse by Imran Khan, chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf who said that People of Pakistan would welcome the military rule and would distribute sweets if a military coup or take over occurs unlike Turkey where people and all political parties joined hands to quell the adventurism by a handful of Generals and Colonels.

Imran Khan’s outburst was more out of anger and frustration in his fight against  corruption,  electoral rigging and now money laundering by almost all the major political figures including Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. As his anger over government’s denial to probe Panama Leaks and its start from PM Nawaz grows, a bitter PTI chief  went on to encourage  a military takeover. The politicians like Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman termed the  speech as “treason”. The speech however gave rise to a wider discussion by politicians, intellectuals, commoners as well as men in uniform. Some voices in favour and more in opposition as journalists, writers, commentators or so called experts, analysts who harped the old tune that worst form of democracy is better than best dictatorship.

One may recall the verse by Allama Iqbal  who analyzing the democratic form of government has said that in it only heads are counted and numbers matter while practicability, discipline, piety and importance of individuals  loses their importance. His concept of a government was close to Islamic concept of leadership were the “Ameer” who must be pious, honest, free from vices and amenable to accountability by every individual of the society irrespective of his/her social position.

Needless to say that in near future as the opposition prepares for an onslaught and Nawaz Sharif government not ready to start the probe in Panama Leaks, the voices for a military takeover would get stronger. The nascent democracy is again endangered by rulers who lost government time and again to alleged corruption.

Its time for people to decide that whether they want a democracy and democratic system which is rampant with corruption, loot, plunder and money laundered to off shore companies or to favour a dictatorial regime which is honest, corruption free and disciplined and tends to discipline the nation.

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