KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued SRO 614/2024, announcing a major realignment of the jurisdictions of Customs Collectorates across the regions.

The Sky Media station has now been incorporated into the jurisdiction of Customs Appraisement Karachi West. This change expands the oversight of Karachi West to include not only the West Wharves but also the Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) and the Off-Dock terminals of AICT, Bay West, BOML, and the Bahria Transshipment Hub of Pakistan.

In a parallel move, Seaboard Logistics (smc-pvt ltd) finds itself under the new jurisdiction of Customs Appraisement Karachi East. This adjustment adds to the existing responsibilities of Karachi East, which cover the East Wharves, Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT), and Off-dock terminals such as Pak Shaheen, NLCCT, Railway dry port, TPX, Timber Pond, and the Northern Bypass Logistics Terminal.

Further inland, the jurisdictional map has been redrawn to place Dera Ghazi Khan, including the Export Terminal Muzaffar Garh and Dera Ghazi Khan Airport, under the purview of Customs Enforcement Multan. Additionally, the Division of Sahiwal, with the notable exception of the district of Okara, will now fall under the domain of Customs Enforcement Sargodha.

These changes mark a strategic move by the FBR to streamline customs operations and enhance the efficiency of trade and logistics within the country. The realignment is expected to facilitate smoother customs processes and bolster economic activities in these newly defined regions.