KARACHI: The Special Investigation Cell, Port Control Unit of Anti Narcotics Force informed the Customs Appraisement West Karachi that M/s. Vitality Impex imported two consignments declared as Cetyl Alcohol.

Examination conducted by Customs Appraisement West in pursuance of information about controlled chemicals found the goods to be different from declaration given in the import documents.

The examination and lab reports of consignment and the unclaimed containers confirmed the gross mis-declaration of description and value in GD filed by the importer and in unclaimed containers imported by M/s. Vitality Impex, Lahore as against the import documents in the three consignments valued at Rs30,129 million involving amount of duties/taxes worked at Rs 14.57 million, approximately.

It is evident that importer and clearing agent along with all accomplices, abettors and facilitators clandestinely hoodwinked the customs authorities by attempting to clear high tariff goods under low tariff goods, including chemicals, natural extracts and fish collagen, and at suppressed value against manipulated import documents in the WeBOC system in the garb of Coco Betaine & Cetyl Alcohol.

An FIR is lodged against M/s Vitality Impex and clearing agent M/s Sheraz Sikander. Investigations are under way.