Despite efforts, anti-smuggling campaigns fail to eliminate smuggling

KARACHI: The anti-smuggling drives launched by Pakistan Customs have never been successful in eradicating the illegitimate trade due to several reasons including shortage of human resource, involvement of officers and patronage by political influential. PTI government increased the manpower at the disposal of Pakistan Customs, but still there is shortage… Continue reading

Senate committee comes to the rescue of traders reportedly involved in smuggling

KARACHI: The Senate Committee on Customs has come forward in support of traders reportedly involved in smuggling, and recommended action as well inquiries against Customs officials spearheading the anti-smuggling campaign. In a report, Senate Committee criticized procedure to make surprise visit by Custom authorities on the business community (importers/exporters), especially… Continue reading

Chairman FBR assures to resolve the issues being faced by customs agents & traders

KARACHI: Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) informed that in order to resolve certain issues relating to exports & imports, the delegation of Karachi Customs Agents Association led by its President Wasiq Hussain Khan, General Secretary Mehmood ul Hasan Awen, Former President and Chief Coordinator Export Mr. Mohammad Amin Essani and… Continue reading

Spark plugs import: FIRs lodged against several traders/importers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has lodged several FIRs against various traders/importers for mis-declaration and concealment of actual description, specifications and constituent material to deceive application of correct assessable value of spark plugs. This practice had caused a considerable revenue loss to the national exchequer. The importers had declared the plugs… Continue reading

Traders willing to import COVID-19 test kits, but government fails to facilitate these imports  

KARACHI: Producers in U.S. and China have begun shipping 10-minute Test Kit for COVID-19 virus exposure, and local traders want to import these testing kits but government has not notified the regulatory framework and exemptions in this regard. A trader said that the test kits, which are as easy to… Continue reading

Medium sized traders not required to withhold taxes: FBR

ISLAMABAD: A tax law amendment has absolved medium-sized traders from the responsibility of withholding taxes, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) said on Saturday. The FBR said the tax amendment ordinance made corrections in the law to accommodate reasonable demands of traders. “Since CNIC (computerised national identity card) disclosure of… Continue reading

KTBA seeks opening of system for submitting “Amnesty”

KARACHI: Karachi Tax Bar Association requested Chairman FBR to open the system for businessmen willing to file returns under Amnesty scheme in order to increase the number of filers. IT wrote a letter to the chairman FBR  the text of which is as follows: To, Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi  Chairman… Continue reading

Delayed clearance of imported consignments irks importers and traders

KARACHI: The clearance of imported consignments particularly of scrap (all kinds) is subjected to a well planned designed technical delay causing huge loss to importers and taking toll on clearing agents since over a month, traders claimed. The examination staff of Pakistan Customs posted at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim and… Continue reading

Pakistan plans an across country crackdown on markets housing smuggled goods; separate operation against trade leaders

KARACHI: Government and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have devised a strategy to implement the taxation and budgetary measures to the letter, sources said assuring that there would be no more protests and strikes, as this has been taken care of. Several traders and market associations observed a shutter down… Continue reading