Spark plugs import: FIRs lodged against several traders/importers

KARACHI: MCC Port Qasim has lodged several FIRs against various traders/importers for mis-declaration and concealment of actual description, specifications and constituent material to deceive application of correct assessable value of spark plugs.

This practice had caused a considerable revenue loss to the national exchequer.

The importers had declared the plugs to be of Carbon Tip. Subsequently, credible information was received to the effect that the imported spark plugs were not of “carbon tip” as provided in the Valuation Ruling but comprised constituent materials other than carbon (i.e Nickel, Platinum, etc).

Hence, the declarations/ GDs were not covered /assessable under VR No. 1286/2019.

In pursuance of the information, post release verification was conducted and it was revealed that value determined was only for non-iridium Carbon Tipped Spark plugs whereas the imported part numbers of the item were found to be other than carbon tipped having nickel and platinum tip etc.

Therefore the valuation ruling was not applicable thereupon. The Collectorate took cognizance of the issue and after conducting a thorough exercise/market survey, it has been ascertained that the impugned goods were assessable on higher values.

The facts establish that the importers with active connivance of clearing agents had mis-declared the description by not declaring the correct information regarding constituent material of spark plug tip aiming to defraud the national exchequer of its legitimate revenue.

It may be mentioned here that PM Imran Khan had ordered a report ascertaining the reasons for higher prices of vehicles in the country. Member Customs Tariq Huda had been given the task.

On the directives of Tariq Huda, Collector Port Qasim  Ashad Jawwad formed a team of Additional Collector Ali Zaman GArdezi, Deputy Collector Wasif Malik, Principal Apraiser Imran Gul, Appraising Officers Ashfaqur Rehman, Anwar Zeb, Usman Tariq to identify the items prone to mis-declaration and under-invoicing.

As the facts were unfolded, as many as eight FIRs have been lodged against M/s Arslam and company and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s Hamza Trading and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s Ali and Company and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s Anas Agencies and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s M. Anwar & Brothers and M/s Jazee International; M/s Amir & Co and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s Tabarak Traders and clearing agent M/s Jazee International; M/s Akram Autos and clearing agent M/s Jazee International.

Earlier, MCC Appraisement East had also detected the mis-declaration on the import of spark plugs and ball bearings and lodged the FIR against certain accused.

MCC Lahore also detected mis-declaration and revenue evasion on import of spark plugs and ball bearings and on the directives of Collector Mohsin Rafiq, Deputy Colector Nazia Saleem served Contravention Reports on the importers and clearing agents.

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