KARACHI: In a significant operation conducted jointly by the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement Karachi and Sindh Rangers, more than 70 tonnes of assorted foreign-origin parachute fabric were seized at Central Plaza, Saddar, Karachi. The recovery comes as part of the Government of Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to combat smuggling and enforce leviable duties and taxes. Estimated Market Value of the goods is Approximately Rs. 150 million involving Estimated Evaded Duties/Taxes of more than Rs. 60 million.

The operation highlights the shift in smuggling tactics, with smugglers now opting for smaller quantities transported in cars, jeeps, and other compact vehicles. The risk associated with moving larger quantities has deterred them from using trucks and containers. Recently, a shipment of betel nut concealed in a cement truck was also intercepted.

Customs authorities, with the cooperation of paramilitary forces, law enforcement agencies, and district administration, continue to tighten the noose on smugglers. However, the challenge persists, as large quantities of smuggled goods are still being dumped at various locations in Baluchistan. These goods are deliberately transported in smaller amounts to avoid detection, even if caught, FIRs are not always lodged.

High-profile officers, including Collector Enforcement Basit Abbasi, Additional Collector Dawood Pirzado, and Deputy Collector Raza Naqvi, bring their extensive experience to bear in Customs Enforcement. Their dedication remains crucial in safeguarding Pakistan’s economic interests and maintaining security at its borders.