Karachi: In the Keamari area, within the jurisdiction of Jackson police station, land grabbers have illegally established Al-Badar Society on Karachi Port Trust (KPT) land worth billions of rupees. The area’s MNA and MPA’s political backing has led to the local police turning a blind eye to these activities.

Under the chairmanship of KPT, officials from the KPT Estate Department and the KPT Encroachment Department are alleged to be complicit, receiving their shares from the illegally developed Al-Badar Society and subsequently ignoring the encroachment. This society has become a safe haven for illicit activities, shielded by the so-called local civil society and politicians.

Al-Badar Society in Keamari has turned into a secure refuge for various black-market activities, including the sale of drugs, gutka, and stolen diesel tanker oil. The notorious area within Jackson’s jurisdiction is home to numerous illegal enterprises such as gutka, mawa, charas, heroin, ice (crystal meth), gambling, betting, and oil theft, all allegedly under the protection of influential groups.

The intelligence officers and personnel of Jackson police station have remained silent against the influential land grabbers and drug dealers. It is reported that the infamous collectors gather lakhs of rupees weekly from these dens and distribute them to high-ranking officials. Over 100 kiosks openly sell gutka and mawa, paying Rs. 3,000 weekly per kiosk to the local police and other agencies, accumulating Rs. 300,000 weekly from this illicit trade. The gutka seller, Kashif, pays Rs. 500,000 per week, and another new party in the area pays Rs. 1,000,000 weekly. Gambling dens contribute Rs. 100,000 daily, and organized oil theft operations yield Rs. 3,000,000 monthly.

The reprehensible activities are openly conducted on KPT’s government land behind Ziauddin Hospital in Keamari, within Al-Badar Society. A 2,000 square yard boundary has been constructed specifically for these illicit operations, where oil is systematically stolen from major oil company vehicles. This operation is allegedly overseen by the infamous drug dealer and former police constable Badshah Khan, with drugs like charas and ice being sold to buyers from distant areas. Makhdood’s golden mawa also operates under the patronage of Badshah Khan in Al-Badar Society. Daily supervision costs Rs. 50,000.

Furthermore, goods seized by customs are daily stolen from the Keamari customs warehouse, including items such as areca nut, cloth, and other Iranian and foreign goods, executed through a master plan by overseers like Badshah Khan, Sajid Mantri, and Sample Khan, among others. Allegedly, this group’s operatives fabricate press releases and publish news in small newspapers from Nagina Apartments to intimidate any police officers, political opponents, or social leaders who expose their illicit operations.