KARACHI: Saeedabad Police Station thwarted an attempt to smuggle Iranian diesel and petrol. The move is part of the police force’s broader efforts to curb smuggling and promote economic revival while ensuring a level playing field for local businesses.

Details of the Operation:

–         Trailers Intercepted: Acting on intelligence, SSP Kamber, Captain (Retd.) Faizan Ali, and his team intercepted two trailers on Hub River Road. These trailers were suspected to be carrying concealed Iranian fuel.

–         Smuggled Goods: Upon inspection, the police discovered that the trailers were indeed transporting Iranian diesel and petrol. The value of the smuggled goods was estimated to be in the millions of rupees.

–         Origin and Destination: The illicit cargo was being transported from Balochistan to Karachi, highlighting the cross-border nature of the smuggling operation.

–         Operation Leadership: Inspector Qamar Javaid Kiani led the operation, demonstrating the dedication and vigilance of the law enforcement team.

While this successful operation reflects the commitment of the Sindh Police, it also sheds light on the challenges faced by the Karachi Police. Street crimes have been rampant in the city, with dozens of citizens falling victim to criminal activities. Karachi Police has not been very successful in controlling street crimes. Sindh Police and Peoples Party government have always been under criticism for ignoring crimes as the graph of crimes has historically been high during Peoples Party Government.

Despite these challenges, there are signs of improvement. Recent data indicates a slight decrease in street crimes, suggesting that law enforcement efforts are making a difference.