QUETTA: Collector Quetta Tahir Qureshi has notified transfer/posting of the officers and officials in Quetta with immediate effect.

During his tenure as Collector Gwadar, Qureshi introduced random transfers and postings of officers and officials to break the network of smugglers and their line with Customs officials. Such random reshuffling also ended recommendation culture. This reshuffling is done through ballet. This first posting in his collectorate is for around two months via ballot, this is evaluation postings, and then officers are posted as per their expertise and competency and honesty. 

Umar Shafique Collector Ports South has also implemented random reshuffling within the collectorate.

Accordingly, Inspector Muhammad Arsalan is moved from QIAP To QIAP.  Rameez ul Hassan Inspector from FEU Sheela Bigh to QIAP. Sikandar All Inspector from FEU Kolpur to QIAP. Chakar-e-Azam Inspector from QIAP to FEU Sheela Bagh. Asadullah Khan Inspector from FEU Ziarat Cross to FEU Sheela Bagh. Muhammad Zaman Mazari Inspector (TSBS-17) from QIAP to FEU Ziarat Cross. Khanesh Kumar Inspector from FEU, Yaro (Attached with FC Post Yaro) to FEU Ziarat Cross. Nazir Ahmed Inspector (OPS) from FEU Pamjpal to FEU Ziarat Cross. Shoukat Ali Inspector (OPS) from FEU Nokkundi to FEU Ziarat Cross. Fahad Hidayat Inspector from FEU Mashkel to FEU Ziarat Cross. Imran Khan Inspector from Baleli SWH to FEU Manikhaw. Qurban Hussain Inspector (OPS) from FEU Dalbandin to FEU Manikhaw. Salahuddin Khoso Inspector from FEU Yaro/Baleli SWH to FEU Mashkel. Suffian Hashmi Inspector from FEU Ziarat Cross to FEU Mashkel. Faraz Fayyaz Inspector from FEU Yaro to FEU Noshki. Khuram Victor Inspector from FEU Chaman to FEU Noshki. Masood Akhtar Jamali Inspector (TSBS-17) from FEU Ziarat Cross to FEU Panjpai (In addition to JCP Panjpai).

Inspectors Sher Baz Khan and Yasir Arafat are transferred to FEU Nokkundi. Inspectors Haris Bashir Siddiqui, Saud Faisal and Farhan Malik are posted at FEU Dera Murad Jamali. Inspectors Ashfaq Ahmed, M Zeeshan Alam are moved to FEU Yaro (attached with JCSP Yaro). Inspector Imran Maqbool is posted at FEU Yaro.

Inspectors Abdul Sattar Sarki and Imran Joseph are posted at FEU Lakpass (attached with JCP Lakpass). Inspectors Muhammad Asghar (OPS) and Shakeel Ahmed are posted at FEU Lakpass. Inspector Qamar Ali and Preventive Officer Shoaib are posted at FEU Bolan/Darakhshan (Attached with JCP Darakhshan). Inspectors Zulfiqar Ali Bangash (OPS) and Malik Zain Ali are posted at FEU Rakhni.

Inspectors Naimatullah  (OPS) and Wattan Dost are posted at FEU Dalbandin. Inspectors (OPS) Nadeem Tahir and Mir Kalam are posted at FEU Chaman. Inspectors Ellahi Bakhsh (OPS) and Shoukat Khaskehli are posted at FEU Taftan. Preventive Officer Syed Ahmed Ali Shah and Inspector Baqar Ali Kalwar are posted at FEU Kolpur. Inspectors Muhammad Ayaz and Fahad Hidayat are posted at Baleli SWH.

Inspectors Safdar Abbas, Ahmed Farhan and Preventive Officer Jamal Nasir Shah are posted at Mobile Squad Quetta. Inspector Waheed Khan and Preventive Officer Fazal Muhammad are posted atJCP Shaikh Wasil (Quetta (along highways). Inspector Arsalan Sarwar Bazzai to JCP Umar Noshki, Inspector Muhammad Asif to JCP Garang (Qila Abdullah) (along highways), Inspector Kanwar Ahsan Khan to JCP Basima Washuk – along highways, and Inspector S. Qamar Abbas to JCP Padagh CHAGHI along highways.

Inspector Faiz Muhammad Khoso is transferred to JCP Landi CHAGHI along highways, Inspector Ghulam Murtaza to (JCP Jangyan Washuk, Danish to JCP Dali Washuk, Inspector Muhammad Ali Mandokhail to JCP Yaro (Pishin along highway), Inspector Muhammad Hashim to JCP Galangoor Noshki, SPO/Inspector Arif Ali Jumani to JCP dera Allah yar, Inspector Rahimuddin to NLC Gate, Superintendent Maqbool Ahmad and Inspector Jamshed Abbas to JCP Danasar (Baluchistan-KP) and Inspector Adeel Hussain is posted at JCP Rakhni (Baluchistan-KP).