PESHAWAR: In a decisive crackdown on illegal trade, the Collectorate of Customs Appraisement Peshawar successfully intercepted a smuggling operation at the Torkham Border Station on the 27th of March, 2024. Based on actionable intelligence, customs staff conducted a thorough search of a suspicious truck with the registration number Z-4825. The search led to the recovery and seizure of a significant haul of contraband items.

The seized goods included: Whistling Moon Travellers Flammable Rockets: A total of 42,336 pieces, distributed across three cartons containing 80 packets each, and an additional carton with 54 packets. Ratna Brand Tobacco (Made in India): A total of 1,640 packs, equivalent to 164 packets.

The total value of the confiscated items, inclusive of duty and taxes, is estimated at Rs. 2,446,727 (approximately 2.446 million), with the market value of the involved vehicle assessed at Rs. 1,750,000. An FIR has been filed, and further investigations are in progress to unravel the network behind this smuggling attempt.

The operation was carried out under the directives of Chief Collector Saeed Akram and was spearheaded by Collector Amjad ur Rehman, Additional Collector Rizwan Khan, and Deputy Collector Torkham Mustafa Zamir. Their combined efforts have significantly ramped up anti-smuggling measures in the region.

This incident comes in the wake of another major seizure by Customs Peshawar, involving the arrest of a Frontier Corps sepoy caught attempting to smuggle $70,000 to Afghanistan. These swift and effective actions reflect the unwavering resolve of customs officials to combat the menace of smuggling and protect the nation’s economic borders.

In response to recent events, special measures have been implemented over the past week to tightly monitor and restrict any unauthorized cross-border movement of currency.