KHUZDAR: In a significant crackdown on fuel smuggling, the Customs Khuzdar, in coordination with the Frontier Corps (FC), intercepted three Hino trucks laden with 90,000 litres of illicit diesel near Kalaat in the late hours of March 20, 2024. The joint operation led to the seizure of the smuggled fuel, with the total case value, including the vehicles, estimated at Rs. 91.2 million.

The successful operation was spearheaded by Collector Khuzdar Saleem Memon and Additional Collector Sajid Baloch, who have been at the forefront of intensifying anti-smuggling efforts in the region. Despite facing resource constraints, their proactive approach has resulted in several significant seizures of smuggled goods, including Iranian fuel, which is a testament to their commitment to safeguarding Pakistan’s economic interests.

Smuggling poses a severe threat to Pakistan’s economy, undermining legitimate trade and depriving the government of crucial revenue. It creates an unregulated market that competes unfairly with legal businesses, leading to loss of jobs and stunting economic growth. The illegal trade also funds criminal networks, exacerbating security challenges in the region.

The efficiency and dedication of the Customs Khuzdar unit serve as a shining example of Pakistan’s resolve to combat economic crimes. Their actions not only protect the country’s fiscal stability but also send a strong message to those engaged in such illicit activities. The continued vigilance and enforcement measures by the Customs Khuzdar are crucial in the nation’s fight against smuggling and in promoting a healthy, lawful economy.