PESHAWAR: Peshawar Customs, under the directive of Collector Khawaja Khurram, has intensified its crackdown. Additional Collector Muhammad Afnan, demonstrating a firm stance against corruption, has appointed Inspector Zubair to lead the investigation into a recent incident at the Torkham border.

In a detailed operation, customs officials apprehended Zakriya, an FC employee, while attempting to transfer a substantial sum of US dollars to an Afghan national. Despite the escape of the Afghan individual, Zakriya was detained, and the sum of $70,000 was seized.

This arrest marks the second recent instance of government officials being implicated in currency smuggling activities. Prior incidents involved two customs staff members, an inspector and a sepoy, who were allegedly engaged in smuggling currency to Afghanistan.

The case represents a significant shift in policy, as employees of security forces, typically exempt from customs scrutiny, are being held accountable. Additional Collector Afnan and Deputy Collector Saiqa Abbas have taken a notable stand, ensuring the case’s progression. Coordination with Frontier Corps (FC) leadership and Military Intelligence is ongoing, signaling a concerted effort to address and eliminate such illicit activities.

Reports suggest that the authorities concerned have failed to control the smuggling of US dollars to Afghanistan and this has continued to drain Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. Currently, Kabul is relying heavily on smuggled currency to survive in the world. Surprisingly, however, the Afghani currency has managed to appreciate as compared to its Pakistani counterpart.