GWADAR: The Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs, Gwadar has made two major seizures of smuggled diesel and plastic shoppers in the last week, totaling Rs. 45.7 million in value.

On December 18, 2023, the Directorate seized a cement bouzer that was hiding 57,400 liters of smuggled high-speed diesel (HSD) oil worth Rs. 13.60 million. The vehicle and the oil were confiscated under the Customs Act, 1969. The total value of the seizure, including the vehicle, comes to Rs. 38.60 million.

In another case, the Directorate intercepted a tanker carrying 8,000 liters of smuggled HSD oil worth Rs. 2.17 million. The tanker and the oil were also seized under the same law.

The Directorate also foiled an attempt to smuggle plastic shoppers into the country. A container truck declared to carry recycled plastic granules was stopped for examination.

The consignment was cleared from BP-250, Collectorate of Customs, Gwadar. Upon inspection, 15 metric tons of undeclared plastic shoppers were found in the container. This is the first contravention case made by the Directorate against the consignment cleared by the Collectorate. The evasion of duty and taxes comes to Rs. 4.50 million.