KARACHI: The Customs, Taxation and Anti-Smuggling Court in Karachi has issued arrest warrants for several people involved in smuggling and trading of betel nut and other goods. The court has also ordered the arrest of some Customs officers/officials, Police officers and a Colonel of Pakistan Rangers for aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling activities and receiving bribes from the smugglers.

According to the court order, the arrest warrants include the owners of several chalia/supari maker companies, who are accused of importing betel nut under the garb of raw material and selling it in the local market. The court has also issued arrest warrants for some traders and brokers of betel nut, who are allegedly involved in evading taxes and duties on the imported goods.

The court has also directed the authorities to arrest some Customs officers/officials, who are alleged to have cleared the consignments of betel nut without proper examination and verification. The court has also issued arrest warrants for some Police officers and a Colonel of Pakistan Rangers, who are accused of providing protection and escort to the smugglers and receiving bribes from them.

Interestingly, the court has also issued an arrest warrant for a Customs official named Haji Aslam, who passed away a couple of years ago. The court has asked the authorities to verify his death certificate and submit a report.

The court has ordered the authorities to arrest the accused and produce them before the court on the next date of hearing. The court has also granted bail to some traders and Customs officers/officials, who have filed their bail applications.

Warrants of these persons have been issued by the Court: Abdul Aziz of M/s Aziz Products, Abdul Ghani Muhammad Hussain of M/s Kiran Food Products, Muhammad Abid of M/s Ansa Food Products, Mushtaq Tajani, Shahzad Tejani of M/s Feroze Products, Muhammad Imran of M/s Golden food Industries, Mansoor of M/s Mansoor Food Products, Hanif Haroon of M/s Kiran Products, Muhammad Nadeem Qadri of M/s Laker Products, Muhammad Sohail a trader of betel nut, Anwar Pathan, Muhammad Dawood, Muhammad Umair of M/s Rabia & Co, Muhammad Atif of M/s Rajani Chalia and M/s Metro Chalia.