KARACHI: The Collectorate of Enforcement Karachi, under the instructions of Collector Basit Abbasi, has carried out a successful raid in the Liaquatabad area of Karachi and seized approximately 12 tons of smuggled Sofa/Curtain cloth. The raid was executed by a team of officers led by Additional Collector Amanullah Tareen, Assistant Collector Aman Sadiq and Superintendent Azhar Malik, who acted on credible intelligence about the presence of smuggled goods in the area.

The smuggled cloth was found in a godown and was being prepared for distribution in the local market. The assessed value of these goods stands at Rs 61.68 million, with duties and taxes amounting to Rs 30.43 million, summing up to a total market value of Rs 92.11 million. The smuggled goods were transported in five Mazda trucks to the state warehouse for legal proceedings.

Customs Enforcement Karachi has expressed his satisfaction over the performance of his team and reiterated his commitment to curbing smuggling activities in the region. The Collectorate of Enforcement has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards smuggling and has effectively dismantled organized smuggling operations, delivering a severe blow to smuggling cartels.