KARACHI: The Caretaker Sindh Minister of Finance, Revenue and Planning and Development, Sindh Muhammad Younus Dagha on Monday said that the caretaker government will provide assistance to the victims of the devastating floods of 2022 in the province and it is paying special attention to the construction of houses.

He was talking to the journalists who called on him at his office here. 

He said that the work of rehabilitation of flood victims started with good determination but its speed is slow. He said that it is our effort to complete the construction of houses for the flood victims at a good pace to alleviate the suffering of the victims displaced due to the 2022 floods.

He said that for this purpose we have given a target to start construction of 100,000 houses every month and, that there is an instruction to release Rs 20 billion per month for the fast construction of flood victims’ houses.

Talking about the pension of the retired employees of the Sindh government, he said that due to the increasing demand and low availability of the pension fund, the payment of pension is facing problems. He said that the pension budget will be gradually increased.

Muhammad Younus Dagha said that the mandate of the caretaker government is limited, but we are trying to improve public welfare works within the limited mandate.

Talking about the measures to improve the performance in the government departments, Mohammad Younus Dagha said that in order to improve the performance of the government institutions, officers of good reputation have been appointed. 

He said that instructions have been given to improve the land records in the revenue department through digitization and he has instructed that the defects of the revenue accounts should be improved through computerization on scientific basis.

Younus Dagha said that he will outline the policy with the support of the private sector to bring rapid improvement in the transport sector of Karachi. 

He said that the caretaker government is trying to ensure the implementation of the projects for the welfare of the people of the province within its limited mandate.

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