KARACHI: The Directorate General of Custom Valuation continues to assess the imported goods/consignments on the basis of Valuation Rulings which were sat aside by the Custom Appellate Tribunal, Karachi bench.

This issue is highlighted in dozens of petitions in which the Customs Appellate bench of High Court has passed identical orders and ordered release of goods  after securing of disputed amount of duty and taxes providing interim relief to the importers.

The practice by the Custom Valuation is burdening the Custom Appellate bench of SHC. In a number of such petitions including CP-D 1882 of 2024 filed by Diamond Steel Karachi and others, the bench ordered forthwith release of good as an interim measure.

In the previous two weeks indentical orders were passed by the custom appellate bench resolving identical controversy but custom valuation continues with its policy of assessing  goods on set aside VRs.