MULTAN: In a press conference held by Collector Customs Multan, Rehmatullah Vistro, it was revealed that Customs officials have intensified their efforts to combat fuel smuggling from Iran by targeting major smugglers. Over the course of 15 days, Customs Multan successfully seized a staggering 200,000 liters of smuggled diesel, with an estimated value of Rs40 million.

Collector Vistro shed light on the modus operandi of fuel smuggling, stating that Iranian fuel managed to pass through several unchecked checkpoints before reaching Multan. Despite facing immense pressure, the Customs Multan team remained resolute in their mission to crack down on smuggling activities.

The Collector acknowledged the challenges faced by the authorities in their operations against fuel smugglers, citing the significant pressure exerted by influential individuals and groups. However, he affirmed that Customs Multan would continue its relentless efforts to combat smuggling activities and ensure the rule of law.

To further enhance their capabilities in curbing smuggling, Collector Vistro announced the upcoming deployment of cutting-edge technology, including the latest truck-mounted scanners. These advanced measures are expected to bolster the Customs authorities’ ability to detect and intercept smuggling attempts effectively.

In addition to fuel smuggling, the press conference also highlighted recent successful operations against other forms of illicit trade. Recently, a consignment of fraudulently imported mobile phones of foreign origin was seized at Multan airport, along with a significant amount of foreign currency that was being smuggled out of the country.

Collector Vistro expressed his unwavering commitment to eradicating smuggling activities in Multan, Bhawalpur, and Dera Ghazi Khan, emphasizing that all smugglers would be brought to justice. The Deputy Collector Hira Tauqeer and Assistant Collector Maryam Jamila were also present at the press conference, demonstrating the collective determination of Customs Multan in combating smuggling and upholding the law.