The Constitution of Pakistan, also known as the 1973 Constitution, is the supreme law of Pakistan, intended to guide Pakistan’s law, political culture, and system. It sets out the state’s outline, and serves to enshrine and protect the fundamental rights of the population, guaranteeing security to each and every citizen of Pakistan. The National Assembly of Pakistan passed the Constitution on 10th April 1973.

The year 2023 marks the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. To celebrate this significant occasion, the Federal Government has authorized the State Bank of Pakistan to issue a Commemorative Coin of Rs. 50. The coin shall be issued through the exchange counters of all the field offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation from April 14, 2023.

The coin is in round shape milled with dimension of 30.0 mm, weight 13.5 grams and has Cupro-Nickel metal contents (Copper 75% & Nickel 25 %).

The metal composition, shape, dimension and design of Rs. 50 commemorative coin are as under:



The waxing crescent moon and five-pointed star facing North West in rising position, is in the center of the obverse side of the coin. Along with periphery on the top of crescent star is inscribed in wording ‘ISLAMI JAMHURIA PAKISTAN’ in Urdu Script. Below the crescent and on the top of two sprigs of wheat with arms curved upward, there is the year of issuance 2023. The face value of coin in numeral ‘50’ in bold letters and ‘RUPIA’ in Urdu script are written on the right and left sides of crescent star respectively.



On the reverse side and in the center of the coin, picture of Book titled ‘THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN’ in English script, is shown. On top of this picture wording ‘GOLDEN JUBILEE OF CONSTITUTION OF PAKISTAN’ in Urdu script is written along with the periphery. Below the picture ‘1973-2023’ is written in numeral along with the periphery depicting duration of Golden Jubilee celebrations.  Artistic numeral wording ‘50’ and word ‘YEAR’ in Urdu are written on right and left sides of the picture, respectively.