KARACHI: Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Asif Jah has detected fraud worth of 6 Billion Rupees committed by Millat Tractors (Manufacturers of Messes Ferguson Tractor Brand in Pakistan).

They have caused loss to national exchequer worth of 6 Billion Rupees by claiming refund on fake documents of farmers SRO:1248(I) 2020 dated 23-11-2020 & SRO:563(I) 2022 dated 29-4-2022.

The Government brought subsidy scheme for farmers but Millat Tractors in collusion with (Partwaris) of Revenue Department got CNICs/Farm-7 of farmers/small land holders misused these documents for getting refunds from FBR under sales tax subsidy scheme.

Farmers are unaware from these tractors which were sold to other business men by Millat Tractors by misusing names of farmers. Money Trail is missing as money came from genuine business accounts of Karachi based business man who brought this fraud in notice of Federal Tax Ombudsman who paid 1.5 billion to Millat Tractors but did not get the goods as they were sold over names of farmers..

FTO has asked FBR to more investigate this FIR Case of fraud in terms of 2(37)of Sales Tax Act 1990.
Further investigations are underway.