IRS officers association reacts over promotion deferment |

IRS officers association reacts over promotion deferment

KARACHI: Pakistan IRS Association (PIRSA) has expressed its reservations over "Reconsideration Note" and "Deferment Note" over the promotion of IRS officers recently. PIRSA believes that they are upright and bright officers and they maintain high level of integrity during their career. They have been receiving outstanding ACRs. It is clear injustice that their cases have been sent for reconsideration/deferment despite being recommended by central selection board (CSB) after collective wisdom which was represented by all chief secretaries/federal secretaries/chairman FPSC. It is clear violation of Article 10-A, 37 and 38 of the Constitution. PIRSA has invited officers of other groups & services to join hands in courts in upcoming litigations. PIRSA feels that true facts have not been placed before Prime Minster of Pakistan by few individuals. PRISA requests PM to reconsider the decision in the interest of provision of justice to IRS officers. PIRSA expressed its solidarity with other affected upright officers of other groups & services.
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