FPCCI suggests amendments in Customs Act and Rules

FPCCI suggests amendments in Customs Act and Rules

KARACHI: The FPCCI Standing Committee of Customs has proposed to insert a new Section in Custom Act, to the effect that wherein orders passed by Courts/Tribunals face no appeals, reservations or disagreement from the State, these orders could be deemed to be made a rule/order under the new Section of the Customs Act.

“This will resolve many issues, controversies and reduce bar on the Judiciary,” says Sheikh Mohammad Tariq, President of FPCCI Standing Committee of Customs.

Tariq adds the FPCCI represents trade, industry, importer, exporters and their representative Chambers and Association, throughout Pakistan. “It is proposed that representation of FPCCI shoud be made part of the valuation meetings as member to participate in each meeting to address the case on behalf of all Pakistan based trade and industry.

Sheikh Tariq maintains the Licensing Authority may not suspend or revoke the License of any Custom Agent, unless charges are proven and a final course of proceedings of appeals have duly been exercised up till the Appellate Tribunal.

A suspension of a Clearing Agent's License is serious matter, and it is impossible to quantify their loss in monetary terms. It is proposed that no action against Clearing Agent, be taken, wherein, cases decided and no appeal, disagreement and reservation were filed by the Licensing Authority.

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