MCC Appraisement East issues assessment alert

MCC Appraisement East issues assessment alert

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has issued an assessment/examination alert to exercise due care and caution while examination and assessment.

During examination of an import consignment declared to contain 'Candles for Birthday Cakes', it transpired that the imported items were actually 'Firework Candles'  not importable in terms of Import Policy Order 2013.

Imported item in the instant case was found to comprise of a cardboard tube with plastic spike cap on one end and incendiary material stuffed at the other end. As per Explanatory Notes Candles, tapers, (including ball or coiled tapers) etc. are usually made of tallow, stearin, paraffin wax or other waxes while 'sulpher-treated bands, wicks, and candles' are specifically excluded from its purview.

On the other hand Explanatory Notes to 'Fireworks' state that their purpose is 'to provide entertainment through acoustic, luminous or smoke-producing effects of their combustion. Firing is ensured by a firing powder, such as black powder'.

As such, the difference between two item is quite explicit. In view of the foregoing, all concerned are advised to exercise due care and caution while examining and assessing items with descriptions like those in the instant case, because such items are not importable under IPO 2013.

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