KARACHI: The Directorate of Transit Trade, Customs House, Karachi has notified that the processing and clearing of US/ISAF/NATO transit cargo would be carried out under the web based customs computerized system (WeBOC) with effect from July 22, 2013.
Moreover, all Afghan Transit Goods Declarations (GDs) in respect of all US/NATO/ISAF consignments would be filed under the Customs Computerized System through User-ID allotted to the respective users.
These directives have been communicated to all concerned including the US ODRP, ISAF/NATO/LNO concerned customs clearing agents authorized by US ODRP, terminal operators, shipping agents, bonded carriers, transport operators and other stakeholders.
The inspection and examination of the consignments would be carried out at the respective port whereas the processing of the documents will be centralized and would be carried out at Transit Trade Assessment/Processing Hall located at 12th Floor, Customs House Karachi under the new system.
The shipping line would mention the via-Port i.e. Torkhan/Chamman in Bill of Lading and the same would be distinctly manifested in the carriers declaration uploaded electronically in the Customs Computerized System.
It may be mentioned here that One-Customs shall seize to operate for processing of US/ISAF/NATO consignments from July 22, 2013, however transit GDs already filed but not cleared in the system at the time of activation of new system shall be cleared under the previous system.