KARACHI: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has upheld the Customs Adjudication order against Mohammad Younus for Grace Exports for receiving fraudulent refund and rebate through forged value of form-E on the goods declaration (GD).
According to details of the case, that the abovementioned exporter filed four duty drawback claims against the alleged export of goods declared as adhesive decorative laminated sheets in different size and colors.
However, the department discovered several discrepancies in the aforementioned claims that the referred E-forms were found to be fake and forged not verfie4d by the concerned bank confirming misdeclaration and non-genuineness of export.
Moreover, the quantity of goods claimed to be exported per container was much higher than the quantity of identical goods normally being exported per container by other exporters.
Similarly, the declared values of the consignments in goods declaration (GDs) were much higher than normal export value of similar goods per container.
Therefore, it was established that Mohammad Younus for Grace Exports intentionally and willfully caused loss to government revenue amounting to Rs48,58,994 by fraudulently obtaining duty drawback claims by way of misdeclaring the quantity and value of exports.
The Appellate Tribunal has upheld the Customs Adjudicating order demanding Rs4,858,994 to be recovered from the abovementioned exporter along with a penalty of Rs50,000 under clause 14 and 14A of section 156(I) of Customs Act, 1969.