QUETTA: Quetta Customs Enforcement has reported a record-breaking seizure of smuggled goods valued at a staggering Rs2.62 billion for the month of May 2024. This unprecedented performance is a testament to the department’s relentless efforts in curbing illegal trade practices.

The month of May also saw the confiscation of Rs19 million worth of hashish, further underscoring the success of the enforcement operations. The period from July 2023 to May 2024 has been particularly significant for the Customs Enforcement Quetta, with a total of 1,740 cases filed involving smuggled items worth Rs27.36 billion.

Additionally, narcotics with a market value of Rs386.5 million were seized, indicating a robust response to the drug trafficking menace.

The array of seized goods is extensive, ranging from vehicles, textiles, betel nuts, foreign currency, and liquor to fuel, cigarettes, tyres, tea, sugar, electronics, carpets, and mobile phones. This diverse collection highlights the broad spectrum of smuggling activities that the enforcement team is combatting.

In a strategic shift from previous practices, Enforcement Quetta has adopted a more aggressive stance by initiating FIRs to instill a sense of fear among smugglers. This move marks a departure from the usual reluctance to lodge formal complaints, signaling a new era of stringent enforcement measures.

Baluchistan, known as a hub for smuggling activities, has seen the deployment of highly qualified officers. The team, led by Chief Collector Baluchistan Yaqoob Mako, Collector Quetta Tahir Qureshi, Additional Collector Yusuf Magsi, Deputy Collector Salman Malik, and Assistant Collector Saleem Khokhar, has earned a reputation for competence and effectiveness in containing smuggling operations.

An official optimistically noted that the frequency of seizing smuggled goods is expected to decline significantly as the crackdown continues to dismantle smuggling networks. The ultimate goal is to reach a point where the absence of smuggling will naturally eliminate the need for seizures.

In parallel, Collector Appraisement Quetta Yaseen Murtaza has been vigilant in monitoring customs declarations, ensuring that misdeclaration and under-invoicing are promptly identified and addressed. His high-profile presence and strict oversight are crucial components in the overarching strategy to eradicate smuggling and related corrupt practices.

The collective efforts of these esteemed officers are not only disrupting the immediate flow of illicit goods but are also setting a precedent for future enforcement operations across the region. The Quetta Customs Enforcement’s robust actions are paving the way for a more secure and economically stable environment, free from the detrimental impacts of smuggling.