KARACHI: In a significant crackdown on smuggling activities, the Karachi Customs Enforcement, led by Collector Basit Abbasi, has successfully intercepted two trailers carrying a substantial quantity of smuggled betel nuts. The operation was conducted at the Hamdard Check Post on the Northern Bypass, following actionable intelligence received by the enforcement team.

Over the course of two days, vigilant staff members at the checkpoint meticulously inspected trailers TKF-322 and TAM-941, which were ostensibly transporting crush stones and cement bags. To their surprise, the team unearthed a hidden stash of betel nuts weighing a massive 8000 kilograms.

The market value of the seized contraband, along with the vehicles used in the smuggling operation, is estimated to be around Rs. 25 million. This seizure represents a significant victory for the Government of Pakistan’s ongoing campaign against the illegal trade of smuggled goods.

Additional Collector Dawood Pirzado and Deputy Collector Raza Naqvi have been commended for their roles in the operation, which not only prevents economic losses to the national exchequer but also disrupts the activities of criminal networks involved in such illicit trades.