QUETTA: Baluchistan witnessed its largest anti-smuggling operation to date. The operation targeted areas previously deemed inaccessible (no go areas), with raids conducted by Customs Quetta in collaboration with the Frontier Corps (FC), local levies, and the provincial government.

The strategic operation was planned by the recently appointed Collector of Quetta Enforcement, Tahir Qureshi, and Additional Collector Yousuf Magsi, under the guidance of Chief Collector Abdul Qadir Memon. The meticulous planning paid off as the team successfully raided three major dumping sites in Mastung, seizing a staggering 30 truck load of smuggled goods.

Transporting the confiscated items to Quetta poses a significant challenge due to the sensitive nature and security concerns of the tribal region. The seized goods encompass a wide range of items, including textiles, dry fruits, automotive parts, electronics, cigarettes, betel nuts, Chinese salt, mobile phones, and laptops.

Officials estimate that the detailed examination of the goods will span over a week, with the value of the seized items projected to exceed Rs10 billion. The operation’s success is attributed to the esteemed reputation and competence of Chief Collector Memon, Collector Qureshi, and Additional Collector Magsi, who were specially assigned to eradicate smuggling activities in the province.

In response to the economic downturn, the Pakistan government has enlisted the military’s aid to combat illegal activities and criminal syndicates. This initiative aims to target smugglers, money launderers, and hoarders to rejuvenate the struggling national economy.

The military’s involvement in administrative and governance matters is not unprecedented, having previously addressed issues like power theft. Last year, military intervention curbed foreign currency smuggling and market manipulation, aiding the interim government in stabilizing foreign exchange reserves and the prices of essential goods amidst the national currency’s depreciation and soaring inflation.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif recently presided over a meeting attended by Army Chief General Asim Munir and other high-ranking officials to deliberate on various concerns. An official statement released post-meeting detailed the measures taken against criminal mafias, smuggling, hoarding, money laundering, power theft, and the repatriation of illegal foreigners.

The meeting concluded with a resolute commitment to combat the entities adversely affecting the country’s economic path and to deliver prompt relief to the populace. Army Chief Munir reaffirmed the military’s steadfast support for the government’s economic revitalization efforts.