KARACHI: The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi is currently embroiled in a controversy following allegations made by Principal Appraiser Dost Muhammad.

Dost Muhammad has accused several officers and officials of the department of facilitating smuggling activities within the Karachi Export Processing Zone (KEPZ).

Despite the gravity of the accusations, Dost Muhammad has yet to provide any tangible evidence or witnesses to support his claims. His recent correspondence with the Director of I&I Karachi included demands for the formation of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the allegations. However, the absence of concrete evidence has raised questions about the feasibility of forming such a team based solely on allegations.

In a pointed response, Superintendent Irshad Shah addressed Dost Muhammad’s claims, highlighting inconsistencies and advising Muhammad to review the legal orders that contradict his statements. Shah’s rebuttal referenced a specific incident involving the arrest of an individual Abdullah, which Muhammad had previously denied in court.

Shah further criticized Dost Muhammad’s recent actions, describing them as ego-driven and lacking in legal understanding. He urged Muhammad to familiarize himself with the law to avoid further undermining his credibility.

The dispute has also drawn attention to Muhammad Anwer, an alleged informant for Dost Muhammad, who is suspected of orchestrating various scams and using Muhammad to further his own interests. Anwer’s involvement in raids and operations alongside Muhammad has added another layer of complexity to the ongoing situation.

The controversy has not only cast a shadow over the integrity of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi but has also led to judicial criticism of Muhammad’s conduct. With the department’s reputation at stake, the call for restraint and adherence to legal protocols has never been more pressing.