KARACHI: The Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (DGIPRE) under the leadership of Ms. Iram Maqbool Aamir, Director General IPRE, has achieved significant milestones in its relentless pursuit of safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Pakistan. With a steadfast commitment to protecting creators, innovators, and right holders, DGIPRE has made remarkable achievement in IPR enforcement. During the year 2023-24, DGIPR successfully handled more than 50 cases of seizures and forfeitures of infringing goods for violation of trade mark and related laws. These cases involve goods valuing more than Rs. 6 Billion approximately. The swift and decisive actions taken by DGIPR demonstrate its unwavering dedication to upholding the rights of creators.

The Directorate General has also taken several initiatives aimed at providing better access and immediate relief to those affected by IPR infringements. The dissemination of information using popular social media platforms is another one of these initiatives which aims at prompt and easy accessibility to information. Official website of the Federal Board of Revenue is also updated regularly highlighting the cases made by the department to keep the public abreast of the efforts and new initiatives. DGIPR is actively engaged with the business and consumers through awareness campaigns, training seminars and workshops. Educational material has also been disseminated to educate businesses, consumers, and the public about the importance of respecting IPR laws. By fostering awareness, DGIPR aims to create a culture of compliance and respect for creativity.

DGIPR’s vision extends beyond immediate enforcement. The Directorate General is committed to building a wholesome approach towards fortifying Pakistan’s economic frontiers against the menace of counterfeit goods and their accessibility to the consumers.