KARACHI: Sui Souther Gas Company removed gas meter from the residential unit of Khalid Mehmood Rajpar advocate, an ex-service man and currently representing Pakistan Customs as a Penal Lawyer.

According to the affected lawyer whose gas supply was cut off just a day before holy month of Ramazan, no notice was received by him prior to extreme action.  The SSGC have not issued any bill, e.bill or manual bill from October 2023 while last bill of rupees 1280 was issued in the month of September 2023 which was paid in time. SSGC then issued a bill of Rupees 954,020 for the Month of February 2024.

The lawyer who is resident of DHA. Jami Commercial Flat complex has served the SSG with a legal notice yet he is going to face undue problem in the month of Ramazan if matter is not settled by the SSGC and meter is reinstalled. It is not a single case of such nature but dozens of such cases are being reported since previous one year or so wherein consumers were slapped with huge bill and then subjected to unilateral extreme actions by SSGC besides lodging F.I.R on alleged gas theft.