KARACHI: Customs Intelligence in Karachi, under the vigilant leadership of Director General Mr. Faiz Chadhar, has once again targeted the notorious Yousuf Goth bus terminal. 

Early this morning, a joint operation was launched in collaboration with a sister Intelligence Agency and Rangers, leading to the recovery of eleven truckloads of various smuggled goods transported from Quetta.

The seized items are currently undergoing a thorough examination to determine their value. This operation is part of a series of rigorous anti-smuggling efforts in the region. Previously, the Customs Intelligence team has seized smuggled goods worth millions in Yousuf Goth, including plastic daana, chocolates, dry milk, and other valuable items. These operations underscore the relentless pursuit of smugglers who use the area as a hub for their illegal activities.

Mr. Chadhar has expressed his gratitude towards the dedicated team responsible for the successful operation, including Karachi Director I&I Engineer Habib Ahmed, Additional Director Afzal Wattoo, Deputy Director Wasif Malik, and Superintendent Irshad Shah. Their unwavering commitment to combating smuggling has been pivotal in safeguarding the nation’s economic interests.

The Customs Intelligence remains resolute in its mission to eradicate the smuggling menace and protect the national economy, reflecting the government’s staunch anti-smuggling policy and enhanced intelligence network.

It appears there have been significant anti-smuggling operations in the Yousuf Goth area. Customs Enforcement Karachi conducted a major raid and recovered smuggled goods worth millions.

Similarly, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Karachi carried out operations, seizing smuggled items like plastic daana, chocolates, dry milk, auto parts, cloth, and more worth hundreds of millions.

These efforts are part of a broader crackdown to protect the national economy and combat the challenges posed by smuggling.